Full-Time RV Living: It’s not Just for Seniors

Many people think of full-time RV living as something that is only for senior citizens. That’s not necessarily the case, as there are a number of other groups that could benefit from purchasing one of our RV lots for sale in the Smoky Mountains as well

#1. Newlyweds

Newly-married couples must go through an adjustment period as they adapt to their new status. Staying in an RV during the first few months of marriage can help couples simplify things so there is less to worry about. For example, you won’t have to stress over buying furniture and accessories or keeping up with yard work.

#2. College Students

With the cost of college tuition being so high, parents of college students are looking for ways to save money. Staying at one of our RV lots for sale in the Smoky Mountains is less expensive than an apartment or college dorm room, yet has the same (or more) amenities. An RV will also provide you with greater privacy, not to mention our park is a better place to study in.

#3. Freelancers

More people than ever are making their living as a freelancer these days. This comes with some advantages, one of which is the ability to travel whenever you take a notion to. RV living can provide you with a comfortable place in which to live and work, while also making it easy to plan a spur-of-the-moment trip.

#4. Working Adults who have Taken a Pay Cut

Our tough economy has forced lots of people to take a pay cut or reduction in hours. If you are one of them, chances are good that you must reduce your budget accordingly. Staying in a RV can allow you to reduce rent, utility, and maintenance expenses so that you can breathe a little easier at the end of every month. It’s a great way to get back on your feet again once you have gotten behind on a few of your other bills.

#5. Minimalists

Perhaps you have decided to streamline your possessions and enjoy a minimalist lifestyle. This is something that is often difficult for many former hoarders, who tend to begin collecting possessions only a short time after weeding them out. Living in an RV makes hoarding difficult, so you may want to consider one of our RV lots for sale in the Smoky Mountains if you are afraid you might relapse.

#6. Outdoor Enthusiasts

Those who live in RVs tend to spend more time outdoors than others. If you enjoy cooking, eating, or just relaxing outside, you will enjoy living in an RV. The setup and design of an RV also makes it more likely you will spend time outside rather than indoors in front of a television set.

As you can see, a wide group of people can benefit from living in an RV. If one of the above categories describes you, then contact Wildlife Properties today to find out more about the available RV lots for sale in the Smoky Mountains.